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Welcome to the Google Sucks Venting Booth If you have something you would like to get off your chest quickly about Google, this is the place to say it. Of course you can always join our web forums, but for a quick anonymous venting scream this is what the doctor ordered. So, Let it rip!
PS. Please do NOT post any comments that threatens the lives of others, it will be removed! . Also keep in mind that this is a venting booth about Google the company and not about any specific ethnic group, or religion. So lets keep that in mind.

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#1491 - SOLUTION - 08/25/2015 - 12:08
The World Is Run By Clinically Ill People & We're Trapped In Their Sickness!
The World Is Run By Clinically Ill People & We're Trapped In Their Sickness/Madness!
The entire Network is Junk since the takeover.
Every video is chopped up even though you can clearly see it loaded in the player search bar. Why? They claim some idiotic BS but it is so they can keep bombarding and pinging your PC trying to break in and let their criminal friends eat our resources, scan our HDs, feed us unwanted ads, hijack our browsers and Adobe is right on board with GooTube in that every 15 minutes we need another security update when in reality Adobe just figured out how to circumvent browser protections or script blockers or ad blocking software and want you to update and Bend Yourself Over Again!
I once loved Google, now I truly Despise Them and Every Other Giant Vacuum of a Corporation.
Corporations Are Bad! We Do Not Need Them For Anything, They Need Us! Do You Get It?
Instead of Picking up Arms We Should Lay Down Our Tools, Stop Doing Their Bidding, For They Can Do Or Build Little More Without US!
Fuck Google in Both of its O's
#1490 - NunyaBinus - 08/24/2015 - 19:45
All i find is worthless wikipedia when i look something up... and its not ALWAYS correct thx very much GOOGLE
#1489 - cradegy6776 - 08/21/2015 - 19:34
Im on google alot , and i find a ton of porn when im trying to find something .
#1488 - secret . - 08/20/2015 - 18:31
OG google user.
8/20/2015 I'm going to make this abundantly clear from the get go.. I have multiple spine/neck/shoulder injuries from a multitude of different incidents, I am on a metric ass load of pain killers and anti depressants/psychotics, they fuck me up and make me not my self (in bad ways, aggressive, self harm, suicidal) so i have been looking in to medical marijuana for some time as a replacement to the pills. yes I have/use(d) marijuana for anxiety, my pain and help sleeping (insomnia from the back pain) now that that is super clear.. here is my rant. The lack of reverence that google seems to have as of late is super frustrating, type anything in and it comes up with pages created years ago (in some cases earlier than 2006) when I am searching using the term "current laws regarding medical marijuana use in Canada for chronic pain" on my mobile device with my GPS on.. it seems to give results from years ago as well as ANY page containing ANY SINGLE WORD I used in the search..


Search: "current laws regarding medical marijuana use in Canada for chronic pain"

results: boat owners fight CURRENT LAWS against boat USE IN CANADA

Published: july,8,2007

Search: "I have chronic pain and have been labeled as a drug seeker by my doctor what should I do?"

Results: "How to avoid being seen as a drug seeker by doctors", "(reddit article asking the same question and a bunch of stories the same as mine, going in with legitimate pain and being profiled as a drug seeker)"

ok I don't want to hear stories about people having the same problem and i dont need to know how to avoid it as the problem has already happened.. fuck I almost smashed my phone at least 15 times today, super frustrating trying to get help online because you cant get help locally, but due to shitty fucking results and a shitty engine in general you cant even get help online..

#1487 - BoutTo LoseMyFuckingShit - 08/20/2015 - 04:38
F U Google
Reason 1.goes on google your adress cannot be faoud (was on that page 3 seconds ago) *faceplam*
#1486 - ASDF - 08/20/2015 - 00:42
Google "user-knit" search is fucking shit
Why can't you just search for the EXACT words I use? How in the world does "bike off-balance" become "Teach you kid how to ride a balance bike"?!?!!?! Fucks sake Google, stop twisting my goddamned words!
#1485 - S E A R C H P L Z - 08/19/2015 - 08:33
You're all fucking stupid.
#1484 - Lol - 08/18/2015 - 15:41
f google
#1483 - Nipple - 08/17/2015 - 21:49
I love Google. She is so pretty and tells me such wonderful things. She fills my days with all sorts of information and pleasantness. I feel like I have been bathed in honey and gently rinsed with warm cow's milk. My flaxen hair gently blows in the breeze of the Google bits streaming to my computer all day long. Google loves you all even though you don't feel the same way. She just wants to know you better in order to serve you better. Why be so angry, let Google love it better and soak up all your cares and fears....
#1482 - Smedley and co - 08/17/2015 - 14:24
No Minecraft on any chromebooks
google says "fuck you" to any minecraft players, me and my cousin recently recieved 2 chromebooks for christmas, 170$ should be able to play minecraft, but google says that minecraft is a windows thing, and this is fucking google drive,fuck google, they should put in minecraft or ima to to every store and turn their "180" degree laptops in "360" degrees.. >:)
#1481 - Police - 08/14/2015 - 16:07
Fuck Google
Fuck Google.
#1480 - Jim Bob - 08/12/2015 - 00:11
"Google owns this site"
I would not be surprised if they do. The point is, to follow with action and distance yourselves as much as possible from Microsoft and Google.
There is free open source alternatives, and my advice is, even in some of those distros, they probably have been paid a considerable sum of money by Google or MS to succumb.

But, it simply takes a delete or un-install action, and there will always be another underdog born, and on it will go.
It may one day cost Google more than what it is worth to try to "own" internet real-estate by piracy and theft as they do now.

Leave the people be, get off our fucking tree, just go away.
#1479 - WHATEVER - 08/10/2015 - 15:52
Google owns this site.
#1478 - Hello - 08/10/2015 - 05:51
Google blows goats for a nickle and gives 3 cents change
Go to hell, Google. Your a tool of the government and a disgrace to the internet. Go suck shit through a straw in hell. FUCK YOU...
#1477 - Google hater - 08/08/2015 - 23:59
hey it would be nice once in awhile to pick your own f****** language. It's not like everyone lives in the country they were born in around the world god damn it!
#1476 - English? - 08/08/2015 - 19:22
Fuck google
Google so bullshitty
#1475 - Chickenpuffffff - 08/08/2015 - 17:37
VodaGoogleFone are same as now
Vodafoner sux to may I add. I got ripped by VodaFone. They lied, again
#1474 - aDOLF - 08/07/2015 - 11:40
Common Sense
OK, I have read enough, and time to leave out the extreme expletives, and let's get down to understandable accepted english. You see, if we vent with all the F and S etc, it's actually feeding Google ammunition, that we are all a bunch of madness. But if we say what we believe to be true, firm and right, "Politically Correct" and all that rubbish, they will soon see we begin to have a following. You see, the majority don't talk like we do, but it is our type they want to discredit, so we seem like a minority and never gain the support of the majority ! So goohaters, let's let it rip without the swearing, ( I KNOW it ain't easy, but simple enough to do.

Dear Google and Co, you will soon come to know, that users of your product will no longer be using it becauese it no longer works. You highest bidding advertiser will stop paying because after all, it's a numbers game and for the advertisers, number = $$$, dollars you need to satisfy your cock sucking share holders !

See, that was not as difficult as I though, but I did get a little, emm, strung out, just had to make it sound that I am a little annoyed, but satisfied that we can show these corporations we got more than what they extmated, and I ain't saying what that is, it's "our" secret. "get" it ?!
#1473 - Adolf - 08/07/2015 - 09:56
Fuck Google -
Fuck google - Let's destroy all entity including owners and employees -


Google fucking shit - that's exactly what I was looking once on this page. I work with Google for 7 years and I know a lot about all the services provided by Google. You are all together working on websites and pay money for advertising, and nothing in reply, only the use of your labors for promotional purposes. Read how Google uses your personal information and you remove everything that has the word Google on your computer. Hello to Google: Fuck you google, fuck google shit you made. Sergei Brin, if I meet you in life, I will be happy to beat you until you're dead, so pray Brin you live is not long!

Google is a fucking shit! advertisement on google is suck! every google product is about fucking money. No more regular search. all about fucking money. Jewish owner sergey "GAY" brin - fuck you! Fuck google shit you made! fucking morons! Fuck Indian programmers who work for google, cheap bitch google.

Fuck you google, fuck you jewish trash owner sergey brin (no capital letters in you fucking first or last name - my complete disrespect to you as person, as because sergey brin had never been a person or individual - he is just a fucking russian jewish trash animal, who deserve to die in the nearest future along with his family including his parents, kids and wife). I know you are a Russian Jewish sergey "GAY" brin, who created a search engine google in garage. Why there was no one, who could shoot in your head right in this garage?

fuck google places. Several month verifying the same fucking listings and none of them show up. only for fucking money - Money suckers damn bitch corrupt google.

Fucking google does not show google places for business. Only sucking money for fucking adwords. Hate your fucking organization Google, especcially russian jewish co founder sergey brin. What else people can expect from a russian jewish sergey brin? Nothing good! Just another money sucker machine! Dear Sergey Brin - you would better suck someone dick! Google places were verified several times and none of them shows up. Unable to link google places pages, because fucking google always removing business places. Google Support is a piece of sheet that is runnig under automated messages and no actions ever. Hate you fucking google and wish you to die.

For the past 3 years i understood what a fucking bitches works in google. It is something not everyone knows. As of now my goal is not to advertise my websites, but let others know about corrupt nature of the entity Google, and a fucking jewish owner Sergey Brin. I know you will ignore this letter, because no one in your fucking team is going to be paid for it.

Today fucking google deleted our last location. Corrupt bitches from Google might want money. No reason 4 verified locations was erased from google places. Is not is a fucking Jewish Sergey Brin Job. To suck more money for advertisement than it worst. Sergey brin, is just a jewish trash, that concerns about making more money. Just so you know, 3 years i was developing a network, that me and my customers estimate as a very hard job. For 3 years i had no complaints from my customers. But, i am depending on advertising. You use your power to push business pay you for advertisement and i understand, that your goals are to make money. I hate you Google. From my side, i will spend my personal time to let everyone know about your tricks to suck money. Wish you to die Brin, as per my opinion kids like you should be killed at the begining. If you were in Russia, i would just kill you the same day. It might take me more time to kill you in America. But i will do it..

Hi Fucking google, Your Gey diaspora still alive. Corrupt bitches. I wish all of you fucking die!

Why fucking google always fucking do something to destroy my business. Corrupt search engine. Sergey brin piderast ebanii, fucking jewish bitch. I will destroy your fucking billion dollars google. You will see. i wish all of you to die, i will personally kill your owners.

Several month i am receiving automated messages - "thank you for you patience". No google places shows up. Am i talking to computer? Corrupt google only shows places for money! No Google Places - No Money for adwords!

Attention People who has any google products installed on their computers:

1) Google products are dangerous for privacy. Gmail accounts are being used to analize your mail in order to know what advertisement to show, when you come to google search or youtube.

2) Google Chrome Browser is an application, that submit everything from your computer to Google web servers, including passwords, personal information on your computer and installation of the updates without your permission. Also every content, that was uploaded through Google Chrome web browser, might be used by google to advertise their services. It is a good idea to uninstall Google Chrome web Browser at your earliest convinience

3) Have you ever received a calls from advertisers to your cell phone? have you ever asked yourself how did they know your telephone number? Answer is simple, Google sold you information to advertisers and put money for it to Fucking Jewish Sergey Brin Pocket. NEVER LET GOOGLE KNOW YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER!

4) If you are a business owner, you might used Google Adwords to promote your business. It is a very interesting bid system for ads on the first page. You should increase your bid every day and google always show you what is the minimum payment you should make in order to stay on the first page. Looks like you define yourself how much you would like to pay for click, but you always depend on what google is going to tell you about your first page bid. This is not the only one trick of adwords to suck all you money. For example you post a specific "ad" text and define a location of user for this ad. What happens is, you paid money for clicks, but no customers called you. Do you know why? Because this was not a customers clicking on your ads but google, who again wants your money.

Check google folders in the following location and permanently delete them from your computer:


C:\Program Files (x86)\google




Also it is a good idea to uninstall everything that has the word Google using Control Panel and unninstall program utility.


Links to Web Sites who hate google and a fucking jewish trash damn bitch Sergey Brin:

fuck google

fuck google

fuck you google fucking shit

die fucking google

fucking google fucking shit

fucking google fucking assholes fucking morons

google sucks

fuck off google

fuck google adwords

google is a piece of shit

kill fucking google

destroy google entity

fuck all google products
#1472 - Fuck Google - - 08/06/2015 - 10:14
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